New Gadgets

I’ve got a couple of very cool new gadgets for you. Have you ever been driving on a long trip, or even a short trip for that matter, and started to feel a little drowzy? I’m sure everyone who has lived to the ripe old age of retirement is smart enough to stop and get some rest. But what if it’s been a long day, you feel fine, but would like a little insurance you won’t accidently nod off.

A wonderful new little device called the Drive Alert Master fits into your ear like a hearing aid and monitors your head movement. Any slight tilt forward will send you an alert signal to keep you awake. I have a good friend who recently fell asleep for the second time while driving, so I’m pleased to tell you about this product. It’s a great and inexpensive insurance policy for you and the passengers in your vehicle. Let’s face it, nobody knows they are falling asleep when it happens. Right now this company is offering $5 off from an already reasonable price. Here is the website:

Drive Alert

The second gadget I want to tell you about is for those folks who like to make notes or record information. Whether it’s keeping track of your parking spot, making up a shopping list, or keeping track of some valuable records or ideas, this is for you. It’s a magical pen that not only records vocal or other sounds, it registers and stores your written notes. In addition, it can be attached to a computer and gives you the ability to send recordings and/or written notes to others. Lose those notes, just grab your pen and retrieve them. Wish I could remember all those songs I wrote when I was much younger.  Here is the website:


Health Alert

The recently published results of a long-term health study begun in 1996 indicates a strong corrolation between low levels of folate and a decrease in brain function. This, the study concludes, results in the increased possibility of dementia and depression. For some reason that likelyhood is even greater for women than men.

The researchers suggest that taking Vitamin B complex  supplements may increase your folate levels and be the key to opening the window to the “brain’s power and function.”  I’ve been taking this type of supplement for almost two years just to be safe. Much like chicken soup, it can’t hurt.