Martha Lucille Parker 



I’m a lucky man. One of the reasons I consider myself so fortunate is I’ve had two wonderful people as parents. I lost my father Frank in 2010, and on Friday, March 2, I lost my mother Martha.  

Known to most as Marty, mom was much different from my father in many ways. She was shy and inward, whereas my father was outgoing and always the life of the party. But they were exactly the same in some important ways. They both loved their family more than anything in the world. 

Even in my mother’s last days, she never once asked about her own condition. The few words she could speak she used to ask about others, especially wondering if her two new expected great grand babies had been born yet.  

Mom always stayed in the background, never one to call attention to herself. But she had very, very strong values. She was completely devoted to my father in every way. When he became blind the last several years, she showered him and dressed him every day, not once complaining. From the time I was born, though we didn’t have a lot of money, my sister and I never went without. We were well fed and always groomed quite nicely. We were taught manners, honestly, and respect for all others. We were encouraged to have a strong work ethic and everything we ever did, everything, was met with adoring praise.

Mom may have been in the background, but she was the tent post of the family, always there to support her loved ones. My wife Trisha, our entire family and her friends will miss mom more than we can ever express. Through the years, she had become my wife’s best friend and mentor. I don’t think she ever gave herself credit for all she did for everyone, but that was typical of mom. If you praised her she would get embarrassed and tried to change the subject. 

I would go on, but mom would disapprove. She was such a warm and loving person, and completely selfless. In such a selfish world, she never asked for anything but gave everything. 

Thank you mom, I love you and will miss you always. 

With love and respect forever, 

Your son, John