People Are 


Can we all agree that people are crazy? Like most people, I used to think I was as nutty as the next person. Now, having the perspective of a senior citizen, I feel like a mere amateur.

Let me share some recent “crazy” observations:

Crazy Correctness  I’m sure you are familiar with the new politically correct way of coughing? You know, turning your head and coughing into the inside of your elbow. This has become so accepted, to not cough this way in public would garner the same ire as breaking wind in an elevator. Recently, while waiting for my mother in a doctor’s office, the guy sitting in a row of chairs behind me kept turning his head and coughing over his arm directly toward me. Great for the people in front of him, but not so great for me. Who started this nonsense? Some teachers now teach their young students how to do this, and I see people everywhere in public doing it. The fact is, most people I’ve seen can’t even reach their elbow to their mouth.  My thought: cough into a tissue and throw it away, then wash your hands. 

Crazy Criminal  On Saturday in New Jersey, a criminal decided to break the window of a car and rob the couple inside. Unfortunately for the criminal, twenty-three year old Jon Jones, a mixed martial arts fighter was just getting out of a nearby car. In no time, Jones had run down the unlucky thief and pinned him to the ground until the police arrived. Later that night Jon Jones won the Light Heavyweight Championship of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). You would have to be crazy to tangle with this civic-minded athlete.


Crazy Over-Reaction  Most of us have probably seen accounts of the horrible situation in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Have you heard about some of  the crazy behaviors here in the U. S. concerning possible radiation? There has been a run on potassium iodine pills to the extent a $10 bottle of these pills is now selling for hundreds of dollars. Want to bet some of those bottles have Tic Tacs or M & M’s in them? For myself, I’ve taken a more reasonable precaution.  

Crazy Contract  I was in Florida recently and stopped by the St. Louis Cardinals training camp in Jupiter. Even though a game wasn’t to be played until later in the afternoon, there were dozens of fans and a flood of media. The reason: Cardinal star, 31 year old Albert Pujols had given that day as the deadline for the team to give him the contract he demanded or he would play out the season and become a free agent. St. Louis management did not give in, so Albert will probably be playing in another city next year. Oh yes, Mr. Pujols contract demand is 30 million dollars per year for the next 10 years. By my math, and I am a wizard, that’s 300 million dollars. Granted, he is the best player in baseball right now, but any team that pays him that much money is crazy.

Crazy Cop  Last Sunday, my wife and I were driving to church when a police officer pulled us over. He asked if I knew why he had stopped me. I told him I had no idea. He told me that looking back in his rear view mirror (about a quarter of a mile), he determined I had made a dangerous move when I passed a car. I explained the car in front of me was barely doing 40 mph, it was a 50 mph zone, there was a broken line, no cars coming in the other direction, I signaled and passed safely. He stubbornly maintained it was still a dangerous move. At this point, I very directly asked if I had done anything illegal. He paused and admitted I had not. I then asked, “What was dangerous?” There was an awkward pause, and he asked for my license. When I asked if I was getting a ticket, he responded with “No, but I need to check and see if you are wanted for any crimes.” I couldn’t help but ask the officer if he’d ever seen the Bill Murray movie Stripes. He said yes, so I offered the line, “Convicted, no never convicted.” Fortunately, he laughed and sent us on our way. I’m sure there were actual law breakers out there somewhere he could have been chasing, but maybe he was just lonely working on a Sunday morning. It was very odd to be pulled over, only to hear the officer admit I had done nothing wrong. In my mind, it was a waste of taxpayer money and a bit crazy. 

Crazy Dictator  This weeks crazy dictator award goes to, you guessed it, Muammar Gaddafi (or is it Kadafi, no one seems to know). This nutball has been around for a long time, but the world has tolerated him because he has lots of oil, money, and quite a few weapons. This guy is a certifiable whack job. How should we deal with him at this point in time? I have no idea. If the situation wasn’t so serious for the hopeless people in his country, it would be laughable that such a psychopath is still in charge. Of course, we have our share of loony tunes in our government, so perhaps we shouldn’t throw too many stones. God forbid we get into a war with this nut. Much like the nuclear panic folks, I think I better be on the safe side. Welcome Muammar.

Every time the world gets a little too crazy or complicated for me, I listen to this song. Maybe you’ve heard it. It offers a simple explanation. Click on full screen and enjoy.

YouTube – Billy Currington – People Are Crazy

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