Finding a Treasure

As my friends and other readers of this blog know, my father passed away in 2010. He was a wonderful father and my best friend. If one lives to retirement age, losing loved ones is something we all must endure.

When dad passed, we did not rush to go through his belongings. From time-to-time, my mother and dad’s wife of 65 years, sits down and looks through old photos and various memorabilia. A couple of days ago she handed me a time-yellowed piece of paper. It was a newspaper clipping she had just discovered in dad’s pocket bible, the one he carried on Guadalcanal during WWII. As I read it, I could not help being moved by the simplicity and eloquence of the words. I wondered how many times my father must have read this clipping and wondered what the future held. Let me share it with you. Thanks Dad.