That’s right, I want to

fight Don King!

This blog is a little different and somewhat personal. If you aren’t familiar with Don King, let me bring you up to speed. This despicable human being began by running an illegal gambling organization. Over the course of time, he personally killed two people, the events happening 13 years apart. He escaped prison the first time, but was convicted of the second murder. After serving some time, his attorney made a back room deal with a judge and King went free. Since that time he has made millions promoting professional boxing events. He has also been linked to organized crime, but his cries of “racism” have always kept him from being fully investigated and brought up on charges.

Over the weekend, King was traveling from Cleveland to Florida for the funeral of his wife (I guess he was too busy to be with her at the end). The wonderful folks at TSA discovered he was carrying ammunition for a .38 and .357 weapon. After a short time, King went on his way and TSA declined further comment. Was he arrested? Was he cited? Was he even delayed? Nope, he is Don King.

Now then, why am I so hot over hearing about the gentle treatment given this living scum. About a year and a half ago my wife and I traveled with my parents on a trip to Florida. We arrived at the West Palm Beach airport and I went to get a car. When I got back to the passenger loading area, I saw my wife with my father and mother coming out of the far exit. My late father was blind and had gotten out of his wheel chair and was using his cane. About that time, two large black Chevy Suburbans cut in front of me, stopped and parked side-by-side blocking two lanes. I couldn’t even get close to my father who was being helped by my wife and mother. I got out of the car to give assistance. Every law enforcement officer directing traffic at the airport (the ones who always yell at everyone else to hurry up and move along) had now gathered. They were not there to move these vehicles out of the way, but formed a bit of a welcoming detail for the guest of honor. Yep, the slimy one himself, Don King.

It’s bad enough this creep buys, cheats, steals, and murders his way to riches, but he is protected and fawned over by the very people who should be locking him up. Call it righteous indignation or whatever you want. I want a piece of this s.o.b.

I know regular readers will be surprised by this blog because most of the time I write about love, tolerance, stress reduction, etc. Well, sometimes you just have to blow off some steam. I feel a lot better now.