Are you upset about the Casey Anthony verdict? Did you disagree with the jury’s decision? Have you followed the details of the case closely? If you are retired and this is how you’ve been spending your time, you are guilty. 

As retired folks, our time is precious. That sound you hear is sand running through the hourglass. Our hourglass. We have plenty to deal with at this stage of life. Do we need some media-created courtroom phenomenon to be the center of our time and attention? Guilty or innocent? I have no idea. But if one more person asks me what I thought of the verdict, I may be the next one on trial. The little girl’s death was a tragedy. My family has been the victim of multiple murders. It’s a horrific situation. But it’s not something others should be spending their valuable time and emotional energy over.

We live in a media driven culture. Recently, while traveling, I would try to catch a glimpse of the news headlines. I can’t tell you how many times I heard one of the media’s talking heads ask the question, “Why is the public so interested in this case?” I wanted to shout at the television, “Because you idiots have it on all day and night.” It was almost impossible to escape, but I gave it a good effort.

The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial: We the public (or at least a whole lot of us) are guilty of not spending our valuable time wisely.

This Just In

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. For circumstances beyond our control, my wife and I have been living on separate coasts for the last two weeks. When you have someone in your life you truly love, being away from them for any length of time is difficult. This isn’t a scientific study, but I really miss my lady.