September 2013

Love the Sports, Hate the Coverage


Well, it’s that time of year when sport’s fans go a little crazy. Football is already in its third week and baseball is about to begin the playoffs and World Series. Basketball won’t be far behind.

Now I love sports, but what has happened to the coverage of sports is very troubling. My late father would always say the coverage of football should begin with the kickoff. He was right. Currently we are treated to at least an hour of pregame analysis that is usually way off target. We get pop or rap artists before the game and at half-time, and a group of former players and coaches giving their opinion before, during, and after the game. That is interspersed with occasional trips back to the studio where another group can “break it down” for us. Did I leave out the female sideline reporters who spend the entire game waiting to ask a harried coach one or two insipid questions. It usually goes something like,”Coach, your team gave up a lot of points in the first half, what do you need to do in the second half?” “Play better defense.” “Thanks coach, back to you in the booth.”

This is by no means a criticism of the young ladies on the field. They are simply doing a job they are hired to do. But who needs it? Who needs five guys on the field and another five in the studio decribing what you just saw with your own eyes. Besides, isn’t it time for the Black Eyed Peas to do another number?


Keep this number with you or in your cell phone:

U. S. State Department Emergency Assistance 

202 501- 4444.


Many airports and train stations now have water stations with purified water. Carry a light plastic water bottle with you to save money and stay hydrated.


Airlines have recently reported making billions from their ever-increasing baggage fees. Domestic flights are strict and foreign carriers weigh your carry-ons and have a zero tolerance overage policy. I would never advise anyone to cheat an airline, but you are certainly allowed to wear a coat, and on a recent trip to Europe, I was surprised at how many pairs of underwear, socks, and other necessities fit into the large pockets of my coat.

Thank You

In my last blog I wrote about my wife Trisha’s birthday. Thank you to all those who sent her a greeting. She had a great day and is just as beautiful as the day I met her.

Trisha Parker

Trisha Parker

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Aging and Relationships


Hopefully, as we age, we all learn it’s our relationships with friends and family that are the most important components in our lives. Unfortunately, there are some out there who prefer to isolate themselves, but they are the exceptions. The important fact is, there’s a considerable amount of scientific research that shows people who continue to maintain and create new relationships tend to be much healthier and age more successfully than those who live in isolation.  

I’m not sure I needed the reminder, but over the last few weeks I’ve been very fortunate in the relationship category. First of all, traveling to the east coast, one of our sons and his wife blessed us with another grandchild, an incredibly beautiful little girl. Just as happened with all of our grandchildren, that first glimpse of this little angel took our breath and stole our hearts. Holding her tiny body in my hands was overwhelming and there is surely no greater feeling than that of pure love.

Additionally, on this trip we were fortunate to further reconnect with friends made back in my Air Force days. It’s amazing how much time has past, but how much time has stood still in our friendship. These are wonderful people with whom we share great memories, and hopefully we will have many more good times ahead.

As also happens when one travels, my wife Trisha and I were so pleased to make the acquaintance of several new people we look forward to getting to know better in the future. It seems the more you open yourself up to this kind of opportunity, the more people you can meet and share a relationship.

Finally, this week marks the birthday of my wonderful wife Trisha. I’ve now known her for over half a century and been married to her for nearly forty-four years. She is clearly the kindest and most considerate person I have ever known. She wakes each day with a smile and continues to brighten the day of everyone she encounters. For her, difficult situations are simply problems to be solved. She’s not petty, doesn’t complain, and is always positive. She’s warm and loving, and completely devoted to her family. She’s extraordinarily beautiful on both the outside and inside. I couldn’t ask for a better relationship. Happy Birthday Trisha!

One last but important note I want to share. One of my Air Force buddies is in need of a kidney transplant. If everyone who reads this would share this information, perhaps he could be helped. I know that as we age, this kind of decision is probably not one we nor our doctors would advise, but sometimes circumstances arise and the more people that know of this need, the greater the possibility he might be helped. Feel free to contact me.  

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