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November 2, 2010


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Falling is a Serious Problem

In our book, The Best of Our Lives: Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, my wife Trisha and I were stunned by the statistics we discovered concerning seniors and falling. Simply put, one-third of women sixty five and older and half of all women eighty-five and older will be injured in a fall. The statistics for men are only slightly less. The National Institute on Aging reports that 1.6 million seniors are treated at hospitals each year for injuries due to falls, half of which occur at home. Among age groups, seniors have the highest mortality rate due to accidents, half of these deaths are due to falls.

If you are telling yourself, “Well, I’m very careful and this really isn’t that important for me,” please think again. Falling is the leading cause of injury deaths for seniors. Each day, nearly two seniors die per hour due to falling. Sadly, these statistics are growing for reasons still being investigated.

If you are a senior, or you have interactions with seniors, here are some suggestions to help prevent serious falls at home:

* Arrange furniture to allow for wide walking paths

* Make your home as clutter-free as possible

* Reconsider low tables, plants and other possible hazards

* Secure area rugs with slip-resistant backing

* Reposition electrical and telephone cords

* Install grab bars in toilet and shower areas

* Insure adequate lighting for nighttime activity

* Rearrange items on shelves for easier access

* (See a complete list for securing your home in The Best of Our Lives)

More Pictures from Our Recent Travel Adventure

As I promised in the last blog, here are a few more pictures from our recent adventure. There is one from Russia and a few more from Japan.






When I was 15 years old my mother took my sister and I on a train trip to visit our grandmother in Iowa. It was early in the morning when the train made a prolonged stop in Omaha, Nebraska. Being from southern California, I was used to warm weather, lots of cars, buildings, brown hillsides, and smog. When my mother gave me permission to get off the train and explore for a while, I raced to a bridge above the train station and gazed out at the river below, the blue sky, and the greenery for as far as the eye could see. I was in a different world and have never forgotten that feeling of excitement in discovering someplace new. I also met  a number of characters on that train who were completely different from others in my limited experience. Ever since that time I have always been thrilled to see a new place or meet some interesting person. It can be around the corner or around the world, the thrill is still there.

Now that we have retired, my wife Trisha and I have more time to devote to this passion for meeting new people and visiting new places. We have just returned from a wonderful four week travel adventure which took us to many new and beautiful locations in Alaska, Russia, Japan, and numerous cities and historic sites  in China.

We would have to write another book to fully describe all the  wonderful people we met and incredible places we visited. Rather than do that, let me share a few of the nearly 1,300 photos taken by Trisha with her new camera. In future blogs I will share more of our adventure, but here is a small sample.

In Dutch Harbor with new friend and fellow traveler Jean Michel Cousteau

Catherderal of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity in Petropavlavsk, Russia


In Hakodate, Japan after cable car ride to top of Mount Hakodate.

Trisha taking in the beauty of the ancient Shinto Temple in Sendai, Japan

Standing on glass platform of the Tokyo Tower, 1091 feet tall.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura

Trisha in beautiful Nagoya, Japan

Riding the cable car to the top of Mt. Rocco in Kobe, Japan

Making new friends aboard ship.

Making friends at the Nagoya Castle.

With new friends Vicky and Bob in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

Trisha in the Forbidden City.

Overlooking "Birdsnest" site of the summer Olympics in Beijing.

Terra Cotta warrior in Xian China.

Beautiful performance at the Xian Opera House

Aboard the 220 MPH Bullet Train in Shanghai

Loved this train.

Enjoying a beautiful garden in Suzhou, China.

Boat ride through the canals of Suzhou.

Enjoying a traditional tea ceremony in Shanghai.

Incredible Shanghai