It’s All About Love

As those of the Jewish faith conclude their festival of freedom known as Passover, Christians around the world will observe their holiest time of Easter. I’m not a religious scholar by any means, but I do know that each of these religious observances is based upon love. They encompass love of God, love of self, love of family, and love of others.

For Jews, Passover celebrates the lessons of Moses who taught them they were created in the image of God and were worthy of self-love and worthy of freedom from slavery and the self-hatred that also imprisoned them. Christian teaching explains that God so loves, he gave his son to die for their sins and free them to live an eternal life. Two different religious views with one obvious similarity. Love.

I’m certainly not qualified to compare these two religions or their beliefs and traditions. For the record, I am a Christian. But in this time of world-wide brutality, strife, and terrorism, I believe these religions that share the values of love, family and peace should be honored and respected. 

At this time of year, having reached senior status, I’m reflecting on the concept of love and family, and feeling especially blessed. Those who read this blog know my wife and I were recently given the gift of another grandson. 

Well, eight days later, we were blessed with the birth of another grandson. This little fellow weighed in at 9 lbs. 2 oz. In an eight-day span we attended the funeral service for my mother, and received the blessings of our sixth and seventh grandchild. Throughout this time we have been showered with the love of friends and family. It is truly all about love.

On a personal note:

After three extraordinary months of highs, lows, loss, and two new family additions (one on each coast), my wife and I took a week for ourselves to rest and relax. We slept in, took long walks, went swimming, laid out by the pool, went out to dinner, reconnected with friends, went fishing, and had a great time. Some might questions taking a vacation when you are already retired. But we seniors know it doesn’t work that way. I believe most of us are just as busy, if not busier, now that we are retired. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Grandma Trisha and new grandson

My friend John with the catch of the day

                    Out for a romantic dinner