Well, Spring is here and Easter is upon us. While this is a special time of year for many folks, and I would normally be inclined to be positive, today I feel like venting. I’m trying very hard to stave off grumpy old man syndrome, but it’s just not working.

Do you ever get the feeling our culture has flipped upside down? I’m convinced the inmates are running the place. Our leaders are off on holiday while we are borrowing 3.5 billion dollars per day. That’s over 2 million dollars per minute. Pretty soon we’ll be talking real money. If I max out my credit cards buying stuff I can’t afford, would it be a good idea to borrow more money to buy more stuff? I am also offended when politicians use the phrase, “We can’t afford tax cuts.” Hey there Mr. Politician, we aren’t getting the money from you, you’re getting it from us. It’s our money. And one more thing, you work for us, not vice versa.

Some would even say we don’t pay enough in taxes. Does anyone agree with that? If you do, there’s a box you can check on your IRS form and then write the government as big a check as you wish. I was driving on a California freeway today and saw our highest-in-the-country gas taxes at work. The road was so rough you had to hold the wheel tightly to keep from losing control. Where is all that money going? It’s insanity.

Later today, I overheard a conversation concerning the television program Dancing With The Stars. The topic was a young woman named Kendra who now appears on the show. If you aren’t familiar with this person, let me give you some background. At 19 she attended a Playboy party and let her nude body be covered in paint. This is how she spent the evening. She then gratefully accepted an offer by Hugh Hefner to be one of his “girlfriends.” This was followed by two reality shows, a marriage to an NFL player, a child, and release of personal sex tapes in which her own company helped to promote. She makes millions from advertisers who want to be featured on her Twitter account. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the financial success of this young woman. But the fact that someone who has the morals of an alley cat, and is as dumb as a box of rocks, can be so admired and financially rewarded in our culture is breathtaking. As my buddy Don King would say, “Only in America.”

My point is this: Why is this woman on Dancing With The Stars. How could our society lift someone like her to celebrity status? We are currently fighting three wars. Do we ever read any stories about our military heroes? Do we ever see any truly great and inspirational people featured by our media? What has happened to our cultural compass? Many of the dregs of our society are on the top, while the good and decent hard-working people are scorned and ridiculed. I don’t like it, but I don’t see a change in the wind. Go out into a public place and listen well. Not long ago I was waiting for my wife while she did some banking. The high school nearby had just let out. Mind you I am a former Air Force sergeant, and I’ve never heard so much profanity, vulgarity, and blatant sexual references in my life. Not exactly happy days.

What does all this mean? From my perspective, we live in a very coarse society that often rewards the most vulgar and immoral among us. Not a message I enjoy sending during a holy week, but one I believe is true. We are tilting upside down and better begin turning things around before it’s too late. That’s one grumpy old man’s opinion.