Hi everyone. In my last blog I wrote about renewal in the new year. Since I practice what I preach, at our 40th anniversary party, I asked my wife to marry me again. She said “yes” and it was a great night.

This year I plan to write this blog more frequently, so please come back often. You know by now that I always  advocate seniors should do the things in life they want to do. Let me add this one important suggestion: be careful.

Recently, my best friend and old Air Force buddy was out trimming a tree. This was something he had done dozens of times before. No one knows exactly what happened, but he was found unconscious. He nearly lost his life, but after surgery to remove his spleen, is now in a rehabilitation ward retraining his body. Unfortunately, he will have to get by with eyesight in only one eye and some other limiting physical issues. It’s very sad, but we thank God he survived.

The point of this example is simply to advise seniors that we need to access situations much more carefully, be realistic in our abilities, and add in an extra bit of caution. I was especially stunned by my good friend’s accident because throughout this holiday season, I spent considerable time at the top of a very tall ladder putting up and taking down decorations.

In future blogs I will be providing specific ways to safety proof your living environment. In the meantime, do what you want, but be careful.

John Parker