This blog is the last in a series in which I’ve written about and included photos of our recent trip to the South Seas. We truly finished on a high note by spending our last several days in Singapore.Each day was filled with beauty and excitement. Because of very strict laws against littering, the entire city is immaculate. One cigarette butt could bring you a fine of $300 dollars. The result: a litter-free city. On our first evening we headed down to the river side and Clarke Quay. Here we purchased tickets for the beautiful river cruise after sunset, but first found a great spot for dinner with friends Lyn and Herb. Several folks we had met on our cruise portion of the trip stopped by to say hello.



The river cruise after dinner was nothing short of magical.







Trisha and John Parker – Singapore River Cruise

I could never write anything that would do justice to this incredible city. We saw the old and well preserved buildings, the ultramodern new construction, Little India, China Town, the Muslim section. I believe its the most impressive city we have every visited.


Of course, we hide to ride the Singapore Flyer.


This is the magnificent Sand’s Marina Bay Hotel. Its as though a ship has been placed above three huge buildings with a swimming pool on top overlooking the city. We just had to go up there and take in the view.



Trisha and John Parker on top of the Sand’s Marina Bay Hotel, Singapore

At the end of the week in Singapore we flew to Hong Kong and then back to San Francisco. It was a glorious adventure.