September 2010


Years ago before my wife and I had children, I read the results of a research study conducted at UCLA. The researchers were trying to determine why some families were successful at maintaining close relationships, and why others were not. The results of this study, like much academic research, seemed so obvious. The primary reason was that the successful families all had a common interest. In the United States, the number one common interest was an interest in sports.

Of course. Families who play together stay together. Isn’t that the old saying? I was reminded of this study during the weekend. With baseball winding down to the playoffs and football just getting underway, our family communication, even though our “kids” are all adults, seemed to center on the sports scene.

I was reminded further when I received these photos of our youngest grandson Liam taken at a Charlotte sports restaurant. He is only 11 months, but already an avid Dolphin fan.

Of course, the topic of interest isn’t as important as the fact that each family needs some common focus. As retired persons, this is something we all probably learned along the way. It’s nice to know that younger folks, in this case Mama Michelle and Daddy David, already employ the principle in several areas of family life. Whether it’s church, books, school, etc., the future bodes well. And I can’t wait to take Liam to a Dolphin game.

In Memoriam

We lost a dear friend this last week. Dougie Trierweiler, beloved wife of Jim, passed away suddenly. Our love and prayers go to Jim and the Trierweiler family. Dougie was a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. She will be missed.

Fund Raiser

Yesterday, my wife Trisha and our good friends Lyn and Herb Schub, participated in a fund raising 5K run/walk to help research for the purpose of defeating lung cancer. Our team, Team Frank, led by Larree Renda was dedicated to her late husband Frank Renda who recently passed away due to this horrible disease. Our team was joined by the entire Cal baseball team and coaches. Several thousands from other teams participated in this wonderful event which took place shortly before sunset as the San Francisco fog rolled in. Larree said our team took in over $54,000 dollars. Bravo to all of those who participated and/or contributed.


This will be the last blog for a while. Trisha and I are ready to embark on a long-planned travel adventure. Bon Voyage

As they say in Hollywood, let’s cut to the chase: Sex is good for us. I know the typical reaction to this statement will probably be “Well, duh.” But folks, I’m talking science here.

In a recent article printed in Live Science, researcher and writer Sally Law reporting on a study which investigated the sex lives and health of more than 3,000 seniors concluded, “And just as in younger adults, healthy sex means healthy senior citizens.”

Additionally, her article quotes one of the researchers, Linda J. Waite of the University of Chicago in a special supplemental issue of The Journals of Gerontology, “Individuals with strong, functioning sexual and intimate relationships will have better trajectories of health and well-being than those whose relationships function less well or who lack such relationships.” The study also looked at some of the possible physical problems seniors may encounter in their sex lives. On this aspect of sex and aging, Ms. Waite is quoted as stating, “If [women] continue to be sexually active they appear not to be much more likely to have problems with sexual function at older than at younger ages . . . sexually active older men seem to function at much the same level as sexually active younger men, with a few exceptions, not all of which favor younger men.”

Obviously, not all seniors have intimate partners, others may have serious physical issues, and still others may choose not to have physical relationships for a variety of reasons. Given that broad caveat, and at the risk of seeming simplistic, my suggestion for those able and interested is: just do it, it’s good for you.

Travel Tip of the Day

In preparing for an upcoming travel adventure, I have been re-evaluating my packing decisions. With airline restrictions on the number of bags you may check and lower weight limits, even more so on foreign airlines, I’m closely scrutinizing every item being packed. In my shaving kit, or what I call my “go bag,” the object that takes up the most room is my can of shaving cream. While I typically use the very small travel versions, stores don’t always stock them.

Having struck out at a couple of stores, I discovered Shave Secret. Was very skeptical having never heard of this product before, but gave it a try.  Well, it worked for me. It’s natural oils that come in a small plastic bottle about the size of eye drops. You simply wet your face, put three drops into your wet hands and rub it on your face. Then you shave. Understand I have one of the toughest beards you can have, but I actually got a smooth shave. Unbelievable. I’ve freed up more space in my travel bag and will also use it at home. I’ve told my wife about this product and she wants to try it on her legs. Can’t guarantee it, but it did work well for me.

Cute Story

As my wife Trisha and I waited at a very crowded airline ticket counter in San Francisco recently (an entire family of seven in front of us had not heard about the weight limits on luggage and were hastily repacking at the counter), I realized the gentleman behind me was three time Super Bowl Champion and All-Pro 49er Brent Jones. Since the line wasn’t moving, we were able to get acquainted and exchanged business information with each other. As the line finally started to move, Trisha took notice of my “new best friend” and gave us both a big smile. I introduced her to Brent and she took over from there. By the time we reached the counter, she had invited him to come visit us at our home.

After we said goodbye and cleared security, I turned to Trisha and said, “Do you know who Brent Jones is? She said, “No, who is he? Gotta love this lady.