Now retired and a senior citizen, I have seen the curtain ring down on dozens of years. As we close out each old year and begin a new one, there seems to be some kind of internal desire for personal renewal. Some folks satisfy this desire by making their annual New Year’s Resolutions. The wisdom of age suggests these are typically well intentioned but lack the necessary resolve. Been there, done that.

In our book, The Best of Our Lives, my wife Trisha and I put forth a number of suggestions for how a retired person might embark on meaningful renewal. Our philosophy views retired life not as a end, but  an opportunity for a new beginning. A time to do the things you have always wanted to do, to see the places you have always wanted to see, and to be the person you have always wanted to be. We have known so many people who have retired not only from work, but from setting personal goals and accomplishment.

Taking into account each individual’s financial means and health restrictions, we believe every retired person should establish goals and pursue them with passion. Begin with questions such as, “Where would I really like to live,” or “Where in the world would I like to travel,” or “What can I contribute to make the lives of those around me better?” Examine your life, set your goals and act on them with the passion of personal renewal. The journey will be the reward. Bon Voyage and Happy New Year!

John Parker