Old Dog, New Kicks

Old Man Soccer

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? It depends. I’m a firm believer in living in the moment with an eye to the future. But sometimes the new thing is only just that, new. A morning snowflake with no chance of lasting very long. I guess I’m not into trends. I never bought a Nehru jacket when I was young and my closet is not now filled with skinny jeans. Heck, I’m so behind the times, I don’t even wear pajama bottoms to Wal-Mart. Trends are trends, and fads come and go.

Take soccer. It was actually our generation that introduced our children to the game here in the U. S.  That’s probably because the game requires only a few players, a space to play, and one ball. Kid’s soccer is great. It provides exercise, gets the family together on Saturday mornings, and everyone gets to let off some steam.

The question is: Is soccer catching on in a big way here in the U. S. as some in the media would have us believe? I doubt it. Naturally, those recent immigrants to the U. S. who were soccer fans before they got here are still very excited to follow the sport. For the rest of us, I would say it’s like watching grass grow, but that would be too on the nose. Even with the recent success of the U. S. team in Rio, I really don’t think the excitement will be sustained.

So why is kid’s soccer so popular, but professional soccer so dull. Well, first off, the skill levels of kids are so varied it almost guarantees some, if not a lot of scoring. Secondly, watching your kids play any sport is pretty cool. All three of our sons played the sport when they were young and all of them enjoyed the experience. Pushed by his older brothers, our youngest was once pulled from a game after only 30 seconds. He had already scored two goals and the coach didn’t want to run up the score.

Soccer played by highly trained and skilled athletes can be very boring. Scoring is infrequent and watching the players flip and flop faking injuries is a bit bizarre. I will admit I do enjoy watching those guys in white coats run out with a stretcher only to have the “critically injured” player jump up and resume play. At that point, off go the white coat guys like a small flock of penguins.

In my opinion, our generation will never really get interested in professional soccer. Maybe some day it will attract a larger audience, but when you have so many other exciting sports that actually tear up the grass, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Happy 4th Of July


Getting Older

Speaking of times changing, have you ever been going through old photos  and one or two sent a shiver up your spine? I was scrolling through some the other day and a couple really caught my eye. One was my wife Trisha when she was about 17 and the other, well, I guess it’s me. Where has all the time gone?

Trisha Parker

Trisha Parker

John Parker

John Parker


Now, I can truthfully say Trisha is still as beautiful as ever, but what the heck was going on with my Duck Dynasty look? I was way ahead of my time. We all age physically, and as I wrote about in my last blog, there is nothing we can do about it except to live the best we can. Everyday!


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