Every so often I write a blog encouraging folks to be prepared for disasters. Whether man-made or natural, we never know when they will occur. We seniors, often having special needs, should be even more vigilant in preparing for the possibility of such occurences.

In light of yesterday’s horrific storm Sandy, it occurred to me October 29 is not a good date in American history. Going back to 1929, we had Black Tuesday and the Great Stock Market Crash. It was the beginning of the Great Depression. Yesterday, we had the worst storm to hit the east coast in over 100 years. The date: October 29.

We should all be concerned for those who lost family members and lost property in this terrible disaster. In the coming days I’m sure there will be calls for donations of food, clothing, and money. Let’s all participate and show the true American spirit. Let’s also be wary of future October 29 dates.

P.S. My day yesterday was actually pretty good. It was my birthday, October 29. I was born on a Tuesday.

Also, Trisha and I hope to see many of you at the Successful Aging Expo in San Jose, Saturday, November 3. We will be the keynote speakers at 11:00. It will be held at the San Jose Convention Center.

Here is a link to Trisha’s blog: Trisha’s Dishes. She has a couple of tasty recipes I’m sure you will all enjoy.

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