To Text or Not to Text,

That is The Question

While I frequently discuss the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude, being somewhat human, I feel the time has come to vent on a particular topic.

Based upon overwhelming observational research, what we have here is a failure to stop communicating. How many times have you been talking to someone, young or old, only to realize that person is looking at their cell phone? I recently heard a radio talk show host bemoan the fact he had just interviewed a young woman for a job as a nanny for his two children. In the middle of the interview she began texting. On three separate occasions I’ve had to swerve my car around cars going under 50 on major interstates. In each case, it was young women drivers’ texting while driving. One of these was very scary because it was nearly midnight on a dark Florida highway. Fortunately, I saw the dim glow of her phone from inside her car in time to swerve and avoid a collision. In my rear view mirror, I then observed several semi-tractor trailer trucks behind me perform the same maneuver.

Now before I’m accused of being a sexist, I’ve also witnessed my share of men and women, young and old doing the exact same thing. What is so addictive about these devices?

Obviously, I appreciate the convenience of cell phones. They have, however, completely changed our society. Most surveys reveal that a majority of individuals say they could not get along without their cell phone for one day. This is not limited to our society here in the U. S. Having had the opportunity to travel extensively, the use of cell phones is world-wide. In China I actually had my cell phone stolen off my person by a pick pocket.

In addition to safety issues, perhaps my biggest gripe is people using their cell phones in places where they should never even display them. The most egregious venue to me is in the front row of sporting events. No matter the sport, be it baseball, basketball, whatever, if you’ve got tickets in the front row, leave the stupid phone in your pocket. I follow a couple of teams and at every game there are the same people, in the front row on their phones. They could have given me those tickets.

Then of course, there’s this guy. Somebody call and wake him up.



John Parker

John Parker