These are two different views of time. I wonder if the old Stones still think time is on their side?  The obvious fact is, none of us, young or old know how much time we have left on mother earth. It then follows we should  spend our time in ways in which we give some serious consideration. Just yesterday I watched a young mother walk by my window holding the hand of her precious young child. It caught my eye because she walked by twice, and during the entire walk, her cellphone never left her ear. The child looked tired and a bit confused. I could not help but think someday she will regret not savoring every minute of time she had to spend with her young son.

Remember, The Cat’s In The Cradle, a song about a father who didn’t have time for his son, then when he got old, his son didn’t have time for him? That song was written and performed by Harry Chapin. He and his wife co-wrote the song about their relationships with their own fathers. As luck would have it, it’s believed Chapin had a heart attack while driving and died in the resulting traffic accident. He was 39. On his tombstone are the words from one of his songs: “Oh, if a man tried to take his time on earth, and prove before he died, what one man’s life could be worth, I wonder what would happen to this world.”

Truth be known, I actually take a very libertarian view of how one should spend his or her time. If you choose to lie on a tropical beach and ponder cloud formations, that’s fine with me. I do, however, hope that people give their choices due consideration. As we grow older the sands truly do run through our hourglass more quickly.

Is Journalism Dead?

Have you heard about the George Washington University sports story reported on their website? The writer of the story spent six paragraphs describing the GWU baseball team’s 2-0 loss in a recent game. Finally, in paragraph seven, the writer finally shares the fact the opposing pitcher had pitched a perfect game, only the eighth perfect game pitched in NCAA Division 1 history. Here is the link:

Strong Pitching By GW Not Enough In 2-0 Loss To No. 1 Virginia – GEORGE WASHIN


The elderly married couple had argued and fought their entire life together. Finally, they had gotten so old they had to move to a care facility. They still continued to argue and fight. The management of the place called them in and informed them the arguing and fighting would have to cease or they would be thrown out. Sensing the seriousness of the situation, the wife suggested to her husband they kneel and pray for one of them to die. “What then,” said the husband. “Then I’m going to move in with my sister,” replied the wife.