We all know the adage, “You can’t have too many friends.” I would add, “It’s wonderful to grow older with good friends.” This last week, in celebration of one of our good friend’s career accomplishments, Trisha and I had a houseful of family members and good friends. In fact, one of the people in attendance has been a friend since we began kindergarten together at five years old. Our home vibrated with lively conversation and constant laughter. It was a wonderful time and warmed our hearts. 

The friend’s career we celebrated was the legendary bay area talk show host, Lee Rodgers. His friends “roasted and toasted” him and then gave him the opportunity to retaliate. Good friends, good food and great fun.

For some thought-provoking political commentary with an edge only Lee can provide, I recommend you visit his new website: 


Here’s to good friends!

John Parker