Summertime and the living is easy. If you are like me, you enjoy the warm weather and sunshine much more than the cold and rainy days of winter. As I age with the normal aches and pains, the warmth is even more welcome. Now that summer is upon us, I’ve collected a few tips to help make your summer senior moments more enjoyable. (Please note: Check with your physician before making any changes that might affect your health.)

1. Sunshine is a wonderful gift. It contains the “Sunshine Vitamin,” vitamin D. Research is now revealing most of us, especially seniors, are deficient in vitamin D. So what? Well, people deficient in this vitamin are at higher risks of developing medical problems such as high blood pressure, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis. Fifteen or twenty minutes in the sunshine each day is recommended for a positive health benefit.

2. Stay cool and lower your bloodpressure by drinking these three juices: low or non-fat milk, hibiscus tea, or cranberry juice. Research studies conducted this year have revealed these are the three best drinks to help you reduce your bloodpressure. Cheers.

3. Get rid of those pesky summer mosquitoes with lemon eucalyptus oil. Most people use some form of Citronella oil, but the fact is, it has never really been shown to be effective. Lighting some lemon eucalyptus candles really works, especially if you are eating something with garlic in it. Turns out mosquitoes don’t like garlic either.

Hope you find these useful. I’ll continue to gather other information we can use to make our retirement years the best time of our lives.

John Parker