It’s Now Or Never


When you reach retirement age, those words sound a loud and meaningful message. In just the last few weeks I’ve lost a family member and three other wonderful people, all of whom played important parts in my life.  More than ever, I realize the sands are running through my hourglass at warp speed.


I find myself not wanting to sit down for very long or engage in meaningless activities such as watching television for fear I’ll miss something important. Although I’ve never really enjoyed talking on the phone all that much, I’ve recently called many of my friends just to say hello. I’m sure some wondered what I wanted or perhaps thought I’d lost my mind. I simply wanted to connect and spend time with them.


While I’ve always encouraged the idea of having a “life list” (I don’t care much for “bucket list”), I’ve made numerous additions to mine recently. Some involve travel to exotic locales, but most are well within reach. Some are simply directed at self improvement, helping others, or just trying to be a better person.


As someone once said, “This is not the dress rehearsal, it’s your life.” I agree and want to make the last act something very special.