Over the years, any mention of politics in this blog has usually been satirical in nature. Fact is, I used to be much more political and often worked in the campaigns of those I felt were worthy. As I’ve grown older, I still vote, discuss politics with friends when the topic comes up, but have resigned myself to the notion my efforts are relatively meaningless. Dispite this mindset, I need to get something off my chest.


As a young adult, I served four years in the United States Air Force. I was trained as a communication analyst and my job required a Top Secret Clearance. Being raised in California, my background check took months in which every person that lived within blocks of me, even as a child, were interviewed. While waiting on my clearance during those months, I was assigned medial jobs on my base in Texas. Once I received the clearance, I was assigned to bases both in Texas and then overseas.


The clearance I received, as did all others I worked with, had an additional classification that came with other responsibilites and restrictions. While my fellow servicemen (there were no women at that time) were just ordinary people doing their jobs, everyone – let me repeat – everyone was briefed and knew they were not to share or communicate in any way the nature of our mission or the materials with which we worked. In fact, even our trash was kept in bags that were burned. We all took turns on that detail.


Did everything we worked with have a classification? No. It was work in progress. Did we take it outside the compound or discuss it away from work? No. Each of us knew the nature of our jobs and the materials we worked with were to be treated as sensitive and likely secret to top secret. We were just airmen but we understood the consequences of violating our resonsibilities could send us on a oneway trip to Leavenworth. We were not Secretary of State.


As I said, I’m not particularly political these days. But if anyone out there is thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton for President, please think again. I should add, at this point, I don’t know who I’m going to support. I’m not particularly inspired by any of the current candidates. But I know one thing for sure. Ms. Clinton is not being truthful. She knew the materials she handled should not have been communicated on her personal devices, stored on her personal devices, and maintained by a private non-security cleared company. While I hope her negligence does not have any security consequences for our country, a vote for her would certainly be negligence on the part of any voter.