Father’s Day Suggestion

Father’s Day is right around the corner. As seniors, many of us no longer have our fathers to celebrate. But I do have a great money saving tip for any family member or friend going out to dinner on this special day or any other time. Simply go to Restaurants.com, register, and put in a zip code for a city you are considering. At that point you will see participating restaurants and be given the opportunity to purchase gift certificates at great discounts. Typically, you must spend a minimum amount, but it’s very reasonable. My wife Trisha and I use this all the time and find it especially useful while traveling. We have discovered some wonderful eateries and often can’t believe the savings. Give it a try and have a great day.

On a completely different note:

Family, friends, and others may remember my writing about a horrible crime committed against my family nearly 30 years ago. My mother’s sister and her husband were murdered in their home by a demonic serial killer. The state of California spent millions of dollars protecting this monster from execution by feathering the nest of his attorneys who routinely filed appeal after appeal throughout the years. They also allowed him to thumb his nose at his victims and their families by allowing him to get married while in prison. Yesterday, this human scum died of natural causes. Good riddance. My condolences to his attorneys who may actually have to go to work rather than simply walk to their mailboxes for their government checks.