This blog is a bit different from my normal musings. Typically, I write about the joys and challenges of aging and retired life. This time I want to share the very inspirational story of a wonderful young person. His name is Jeremy Gant.

Jeremy is a relative on my wife’s side of the family. I first met him when he was twelve years old and at the time he was a phenomenal junior golfer. He would later not only become an outstanding high school and college golfer, but a competitive body builder. He was the picture of health. Unfortunately, Jeremy never really felt the way he looked. Doctors thought he had allergies that brought on asthma. Well, there was much more going on. What happened next changed his life, the life of his family, and the lives of everyone around him.

Below is a link to a brief video that will better explain Jeremy’s story. After you watch this video I would like to ask a favor. Jeremy has written an incredibly inspiring book about his experience and would like to find a publisher. I have begun contacting people I know that might help him. I would like to ask you to do the same. If you know anyone in the media or publishing world, please pass this information along to them. Jeremy is one of the finest young people I have ever met. I believe his story has the possibility to inspire and motivate young people into leading more productive and responsible lives.

Please let me know any contacts you might have and I will be happy to pass them along to Jeremy.

I thank you for your help and I know Jeremy thanks you. Enjoy his story: