Readers of this blog know I cannot seem to write about any topic without mentioning my wife. Simply stated, she is the sweetest, most intelligent and beautiful human being on the planet. We’ve know each other for almost half a century and been married for more than forty-two years. In addition to putting up with me, she is the mother of our three sons and grandmother to our five grandchildren. These are just the basics and I could go on and on. In the interest of time, I simply want to share something I consider to be very special.

Research tells us, as seniors, one of the major factors in our health and well-being is to spend our lives in positive relationships. If we are lucky enough to have a positive and loving spouse, we are very blessed. If not, it’s important to surround ourselves with other positive relationships. The value of good and caring friends cannot be over-estimated.

Recently, on our latest travel adventure with good friends to New Zealand and Australia, my wife went well beyond the call of duty. Mind you, we had already hiked through the thermal hills of Rotorua, taken the gondola up Mt. Ngonogotaba and luged down the mountain twice. We also donned wet suits in Akaroa and swam with dolphins in the Tasman Sea. She was just getting started.

Sometime ago while watching a travel show, I was fascinated when I saw people jumping off the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. The Sky Tower is the tallest structure in New Zealand, and the jump itself is made from 630 feet. That’s about the same as jumping off a 60 story building. It’s called a base jump with a wire instead of a parachute to stop your fall. For some reason I can’t explain, I wanted to make this jump. Well, I got my wish when we visited Auckland for the first time in our lives. Our friends tried to talk us out of it, but we did it anyway. Notice I said “we.” Yes, my loving wife put on the flight suit, got fitted with the harness, took the elevator to the top of the Sky Tower, and jumped after me. That was the one provision, that I go first. As she said, when she didn’t hear sirens, she figured it was safe to go.

Was it a big deal? Yes. She was petrified, but did it anyway to share the experience with me. She is the love of my life, and my special Valentine. By-the-way, we liked it so much, we went back up and jumped again.

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