How do we spend our time in retired life and what are our priorities? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from a survey released last week, we spend the most time sleeping, followed by watching television, and in third place comes leisure activities.

So, how do you spend your time? What are your priorities?

During these tough economic time, many seniors have either chosen to work longer or must do so out of financial necessity. Since longevity rates indicate people are living longer, there is no question future senior citizens will all work well past 65. Certainly, working longer is not harmful, and can actually be beneficial in a number of ways. Hopefully, it’s a decision based on personal priorities and not the failure of proper financial planning.

O. K., so once again I ask, what are your retired-life priorities?

Please know, there is not a right or wrong answer for a retired person. We should all do the things that help us feel good and give us pleasure.

Based on all the information I’ve collected over the last several years, we need to prioritize and spend more time doing the things that best keep our minds alert and our bodies healthy.

Some folks prioritize family. Many care for other family members such as parents, or in many cases, become baby sitters for their grandchildren. We all know some people who live their lives for their pets. I know of one small dog who lives in the former Madonna mansion in South Beach Florida because of a rather unusual inheritance.  

The best advice is to evaluate your priorities, find your passions, and live your life the way you choose. Of course there are family responsibilities, financial considerations, and possible health restrictions. That’s normal and that’s life. Beyond that, however, this is not the dress rehearsal. This is your life.


Here is survey breakdown in hours of how seniors spend their day:

Personal care activities (including sleeping) – 9.67

Waching TV – 3.77

Household activities – 2.41

Eating and drinking – 1.42

Working – 1.15

Shopping – 0.94

Reading – 0.62

Socializing – 0.59

Relaxing and thinking – 0.55

Organizational, civic, and religious activites – 0.52

Leisure computer use – 0.38

Exercise – 0.31

Caring for non-household members – 0.31