Have you ever had something delay you from leaving your home on time, only to come upon a highway crash. Did you wonder if that would have been you had the fates not altered your timing? What about your relationships? What role did timing play in that aspect of your life? In my case, I once stopped at a stop light in the town where I used to live. I’d left my jacket at a young lady’s house and went back to pick it up. As I waited for the light to change, I noticed a pretty young lady whom I had met on a couple of occasions crossing the street. She said “hello,” and I gave her a ride home. I also asked her out, but the date didn’t turn out so great. Many months later, I happened to be back in that same town and stopped at another light miles away from my previous stop. Guess who was walking in the cross walk in front of my car? Yep, the same pretty young lady. She said “hello” again, and once again I asked her out. Seven years later we got married and this year we will celebrate forty-two years of marriage. We have three sons and five grandkids so far. Talk about fate and timing. I can’t imagine what would have happened, or not happened had our paths not crossed in such a random way.

Life is all about timing. It wasn’t too long ago that my wife and I had a wonderful time traveling with friends through much of South America. We even sailed around Cape Horn and then north through the Straits of Magellan along the Chilean coast. Our final day was spent touring along the coast and then on to Santiago for our flight home late that night. One year to the day after that wonderful experience, I watched in horror the televised images of the devastating earthquake in Chile. One of those images showed the collapsed interior of the Santiago airport from the exact vantage point of where we had stood in line at the airline ticket counter. Today, we are once again thinking about the concept of timing.

This Fall, my wife Trisha and I were fortunate to travel through Alaska, Russia, Japan, and China. We became particularly fond of Japan and it’s people. One of our favorite stops was Sendai, the closest city to today’s horrific earthquake and tsunami. Our tour that day began with a visit to a Shinto shrine and was followed with an incredibly beautiful drive along the coast to another spectacular location. It was serene and picturesque. I can’t imagine the death, destruction, and chaos occurring there today. Had this happened only a few short months ago, given the time of day the earthquake struck, I’m convinced we would not have survived. At our last stop we even walked across a small bridge to view the sights from a small island. Timing is everything.

Regardless of one’s age, its important to be prepared for that day when the inevitable occurs. While it would make me very happy if everyone purchased a copy of our book, The Best of Our Lives, the fact is our publisher wanted us to put several of the book’s planning forms online and charge people for them. We didn’t like the idea and decided to put many of the forms on our website and let people download them for free. There is one form in particular, the Personal Information File, that I strongly recommend everyone download and complete. In this day and age we have passwords, keys to storage lockers, a myriad of personal files and papers, etc. Should you become incapacitated or die suddenly, how would your loved ones sort out the complex assortment of “stuff” you leave behind. Do yourself a favor and download this form today. If you are feeling particularly responsible and haven’t yet purchased our book; feel free. Simply go to:


Life is all about timing. Here are a few pictures of our time in Sendai. God bless the Japanese people.