I was recently asked to write an article for a Florida newsletter in which they wanted a few ideas on making the transition to retired life. The article which I titled, “Retirement Rules,” included the following suggestions:

1. Develop and maintain a positive attitude about your retired life. Several studies, including one that monitored subjects for twenty years, have shown that a positive attiude can add up to 7.6 years to your life and slow the physical aging process. While developing and displaying a positive attitude may not have such dramatic results for every senior, at the very least it will annoy of lot of people.

2. Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. I’ve talked about our “Thirty Minute Rule” in a previous post, but it really is very important in maintaining mental and physical fitness for seniors. Walking, golfing, swimming are all great ways to stay in shape. Exercise with a mental component such as dancing is considered the best way to exercise. Even sex is a great way to burn calories, just make sure you get in the other 27 minutes.

3. Organize your retired life. Make sure you develop and maintain a lifestyle that works with your retired life resources. Organize your living environment so it’s functional, uncluttered, and safe. And last, but not least (no pun intended), make sure your personal affairs are in order. I’m always shocked by how many retired folks do not have the proper legal documents prepared for the inevitable.

Of course, my wife Trisha and I cover all these topics in great detail in our book, The Best of Our Lives, but you can download many of our planning forms and checklists for free on our website.

Personal Media Updates:

Trisha and I recently were guests on the syndicated radio program A Touch of Grey.

Wednesday, February 24, we will appear on ABC San Francisco televsion show The View From The Bay.

Saturday, March 6, we will be speaking and signing books at Barnes & Noble in Antioch, CA.

Keep the faith.

John Parker