Here comes another Valentine’s Day. For senior couples, this presents an annual problem: What can I do that would be new and interesting? Here are a few amusing possibilities:

For her – On Sunday morning, announce you have decided to give up watching football for the entire day.

Buy her a new dress, but sew in a label two sizes smaller. When she tries it on, ask her if she is losing weight.

As you settle in for the night, hand her the remote and say, “Its all yours dear.”  Make sure you TIVO the shows you really want to watch.

For him – Stare at him lovingly and say, “You know, its true. Men really do get better looking as they get older.”

Replace his old belt with the same model, but get one four inches longer.

When a celebrity such as George Clooney appears on the screen, proclaim “I don’t know what women see in wimpy men like him. I prefer real men like you.”

The fact is, if you have been together for a long time, the best Valentine’s present is to communicate your love and respect for your mate.  By now you should know exactly what he or she likes, so get started. Have fun

John Parker